Direct3D Pellet Extruder main features

  • Small and lightweight (1 kg)
  • Throughput: 20 – 350 g/h
  • Nozzles: 0.4 – 2.5 mm
  • Successfully tested with PLA, ABS, PA, PP, PE, PA-CF, PP-CF, TPU, TPS, TPV, other TPEs, MIM feedstock, etc.
  • Managed by most common firmwares (e.g. Marlin, Repetier)
  • Uses standard *.gcode files generated by most common slicing programs

Ideal for R&D and Industrial applications

  • Screw removal in a few seconds

  • Simple and robust

Custom versions

We offer custom versions of Direct3D Pellet Extruder optimized for:

TPE materials

down to 30 Shore OO

Abrasive materials

e.g. Carbon Fiber filled compounds

MIM materials

Metal Injection Molding

Included in the price

  • Presales support

  • Test of your material to make sure it works well with the extruder

  • Remote assistance in setting up and fine tuning the extruder