Direct3D at Fakuma 2018

Direct3D Pellet Extruder at Fakuma 2018, Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Two Pellet Extruders printed Carbon Fiber filled materials at Lati and Lehmann&Voss&Co. booths.

Visitors were amazed by the extruder ability to process PA12-CF and PP-CF with good production rates.

More and more people are now convinced that Direct3D technology will allow 3D printing to finally move from visual prototypes to functional parts and small series production.

A few producers brought samples of their materials for trials at Direct3D Materials Test Center.

Direct3D at Plast 2018

Direct3D Pellet Extruder at Plast 2018, Milano, Italy

Two Pellet Extruders, mounted on Mustang 3D professional printers, showcased at Dimap and TMP boots.

Both plastic producers and converters were amazed by the extruder ability to process TPU 60 Shore A with ease.

A few producers brought samples of their materials for trials at Direct3D Materials Test Center.

Direct3D at Technology Hub 2018

Direct3D Pellet Extruder at Technology Hub 2018, Milano, Italy

Great performance of Direct3D Pellet Extruder mounted on a Mustang 3D professional printer.

Transparent and multi-colored PLA amazed designers, while the ability to process a number of different materials, included Carbon and Glass Fiber filled ones, caught the eye of professional plastic converters and R&D centers.

Direct3D at Mecspe 2018

Direct3D Pellet Extruder showcased at Mecspe 2018, Parma, Italy.

Hundreds of professional visitors were amazed by this new technology and by the advantages it brings to the Additive Manufacturing world.

Some people are excited by the possibility to use materials not available in filament, like TPU with ShoreA <60, Automotive grades specified by OEMs, etc.

Other appreciate the cost saving opportunities and the possibility to use this technology for industrial production of small lots.

R&D centers see the advantages of testing new materials in a matter of hours, bypassing the filament step.

Designers are inspired by the transparency of PLA and the ability to play with colors.

Direct3D Pellet Extruder is the only small/mid size pellet extruder now commercially available in the market for 3D printing applications.

Direct3D at Maker Faire Rome 2017

Direct3D Pellet Extruder at Maker Faire Rome 2017.

Three well functioning Pellet Extruders run for 3 days, 8 hours/day, processing PLA, ABS, PC-ABS, PP, etc.

Amazing how transparent PLA comes out of these extruders, it seems glass!
Throughput up to 300 gr/hour.



Direct3D at FuoriSalone 2017

Direct3D in partnership with Caracol Studio showcase at FuoriSalone 2017 (4-9 April, Milan, Tortona District) a Lamp Housing produced with FDM Direct3D extruder, that allowed the following features:

  • Unique personalized 3D design
  •  1 meter diameter produced at high speed
  • 3D Lamp Housing colour effects