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Direct3D at K-Fair 2019

Direct3D Pellet Extruder printing elastomers… Read more

Direct3D at Fuori Salone 2019

Cool colors by Clariant… Read more

Direct3D at Mecspe 2019

Direct3D Pellet Extruder printing recycled PET and PA-CF… Read more

Direct3D at Fakuma 2018

Two Pellet Extruders printed Carbon Fiber filled materials at Lati and Lehmann&Voss&Co. booths…

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Direct3D at Plast 2018

Two Pellet Extruders, mounted on Mustang 3D professional printers, showcased at Dimap and TMP boots…
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Direct3D at Technology Hub 2018

Great performance of Direct3D Pellet Extruder mounted on a Mustang 3D professional printer…
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Direct3D at Mecspe 2018

Hundreds of professional visitors were amazed by this new technology and by the advantages it brings to the Additive Manufacturing world…
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Direct3D at Maker Faire Rome 2017

Amazing how transparent PLA comes out of these extruders, it seems glass!
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Direct3D at FuoriSalone 2017

A 1 m diameter lamp housing produced with Direct3D Pellet Extruder…

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